Brand History
He was enthusiastic about adventures and travel all his life and was named as a pioneer of ancient Asia.
He was honoured as excellent adventurer the expert famous designer in outdoor equipments
Born in a middle class family in Hongkon, he was the descendant of a Chinese and Switzerland whose father was well-known for making leather bags for hunters.
In 1894, he left his home after graduating from middle school ,and then joined the expedition of Sven Hedin who was known as the father of adventures in western regions, Starting his three years’ adventures in the west of China.
After going through the hardships in these adventures, he burst into the idea of creating a outdoor backpack brand
In 1901, the design office for outdoor equipments was normally set up and was named DAPAI. Do anything in passion forever 
  • the early beginning of
    founding the brand
    The brand was favored by ,
    many outdoor travelers and adventurers with its unique making process
    precise sewing techniques and its durability. As the result of these,
    it became the exclusive supplier of local outdoor hunters travelers and adventurers.
  • 1910
    The first company was founded in Hongkong, specializing in designing sleeping bags tents backpack hiking bags and other outdoor equipments.
  • 1973
    Later, some brave innovations were made by others,
    shifting the key point of developing and designing to casual backpack and professional hiking bags.
  • 1991
    Dapai(Hongkong)Co.,ltd was formed and the key point of its
    operation was shifted to the whole bag manufacturing field.
  • 2007
    Dapai(China) Co.,Ltd was built.
  • 2008
    On the 18th of April in 2008,
    Daipai was successfully listed, becoming the first listed enterprise in the field of bags and suitcases.
    Our company ranked the top in the industry by turning a new leaf.
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