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Our luggage industry development situation analysis
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Six months, the export volume decreased our luggage, sales in the domestic market is also problematic. International brands of luggage products have entered the Chinese market, our luggage had a serious impact on the product. In order to meet market demand and enhance the international competitiveness of branded products, our luggage enterprises must accelerate the development of new technologies, and product structures to high-tech products and high value-added products transformation.
Reporters learned that, in product design and branding, China luggage business in the face of Europe and other countries, has always been a bit stretched, powerless. As the world's major exporter of goods production, China produced a third of the world's luggage, luggage manufacturers with more than 20,000 enterprises, but able-known luggage company has few, the lack of big brands to become our luggage product failed to seize more market share in the international market is one important reason.
Currently there are five main wholesale leather: leather market baigou Hebei, Zhejiang Yiwu wholesale leather, leather wholesale Liaoning Southern Taiwan, Chengdu lotus pond leather market, Guangzhou Guihua Gang leather wholesale, of which Guangzhou Guihua Gang leather biggest market size, the highest level, is the world's largest wholesale leather. In addition to five larger wholesale market, others are basically small wholesale market too scattered, quality, style and price varies.
Our luggage bags products and European countries, a far cry from the quality of the product. Reporters learned that our luggage flooding low-end market, they are scattered in various commodity wholesale city, stall. 80% of package decoration for a number of small factories, small workshops do the low-end products. Because of lack of funds, many enterprise hardware and software R & D talent production facilities are relatively weak. The package did not create ornaments brands, poor quality, no design, no personality, no protection, and some also use large amounts of toxic materials, not only can not decorate the image, and even harmful to human health, can not meet the quality of life of urban people chase area. Especially the years, the domestic enterprises are export-oriented luggage, many enterprises in the financial crisis to the domestic, no brand, no team, no channel, in terms of design innovation, independent brand, marketing networks, and other obviously inferior to foreign big . This leads industry more vulnerable to fluctuations in the external environment, its ability to resist risks, profitability levels are relatively weak.
International brands of luggage products have entered the Chinese market, the domestic luggage products had a serious impact. Insiders said that now, in the domestic luggage market, "pyramid" top, top international brands such as LV and the like, the price is very high profits, market share is also expanding. While domestic brands more concentrated in the shallow levels of prices and channels, their big market share but profit is very low, only in order to win. In the end it is a small number of high-end brands, but these brands lack of personality and appeal, can not be the depth of emotional resonance with consumers.
In addition, with the continuous improvement of the international inspection standards, States by all means continue to restrict imports of goods. In order to meet international standards, accelerate the development of new technologies, rely on technological progress to adjust the structure of export commodities, to promote product upgrades, prompting the product mix to high-tech products and high value-added product transition, has become a luggage manufacturing enterprises have to pay attention to the problem.
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