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Bestselling bags in materials layout
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China Textile City recently cloth bags in accessories broad money and more goods, overall sales growth in the previous month, prices stable.
Woven bags in materials in conventional linings "taffeta", "light spinning", "five satin" and so on, the market intermittently to disperse small batch transactions. Recently, some professional big with "taffeta", "light spinning" small batch dyeing designated varieties, manufacturers and markets a variety of warehouse repeatedly sending the transaction, some need to specify the nature "light spinning" stamp or "taffeta" "trilobal" coat varieties, are customers with a turnover of more than fancy. Oxford cloth bags and composite fabric lining small group turnover is dispersed and appear intermittently, some of the price rise. Woven "pongee", "summer chiffon" class fabrics, such as polyester waist bag FDY, DTY-based varieties (dyed or printed, jacquard all varieties) since more than a very few recent market funds, partly printed or ginning counterparts fancy varieties, occasionally chasing a single by old customers have to send large quantities of heavy volume traded.
In recent days, with all kinds of Textile City filament-based cloth bags in accessories overall market trend is still a poor state, even raiser and run almost all households lack of sales. According to industry sources believe that the cloth bags in accessories are still debts, less profit, up and down the road we have a lack of interest, so the majority of the marketing dull, selling only locally.
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